How to add cryotherapy to a tanning salon franchise


Double your Franchise Profits with Whole Body Cryotherapy

Tanning Salons are experiencing a downturn in business. Adding Cryotherapy is a plug n play solution that will increase your bottom line. Cryotherapy is a feel-good, natural therapy that keeps customers coming back. It offers a low per-user cost of $5. Owners can give out free first sessions to encourage re-upping subscriptions. Bringing in friends means they can snapchat or IG geotag your location to their thousands of friends. This is an instant, perfect marketing tool:


  • No Increased Liability

  • Attract clientele who wouldn't normally come into a tanning salon (ie athletes)





  • Use it as an incentive to reup subscriptions

  • Complete symbiotic relationship with the tanning salon models



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The XR adds an extra service without increasing labor costs. Financial data accessed through the web portal links owners to customer accounts.


  • Owners can see which customers have set up accounts and their chosen method for payment.

  • Customers may pay on a per-session basis. Alternatively, they may subscribe to packages with a greater amount of sessions.


Our unique Tanning Salon Revenue Model is useful in planning and managing your inflow of cash from the cryo chamber. The more sessions run per day, the greater revenue and ROI.

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Chain owners can view:


  • Each location’s day to day activities and active customers

  • The chain’s traffic, helping to assess which locations attract the most customers

  • Statistics: Temperature, Pressure, Duration, Completion status, Level of O2


This measures success factors to determine what could be done for chains that need more attention. In other words, looking at performance through the web based portal helps owners decide where to put their efforts.  Measuring success will help with internal benchmarking to identify the most valuable clients.




The web based system was designed for ease of use for the owner. It is capable of managing multiple cryo chambers:


  • Owners can add or delete customers through the Point of Sale

  • All customer’s fingerprints are on file under their name. No one else can access another’s account. This prevents back door deals.

  • Health and safety waivers are on file.




The XR is the safest unit on the market:

  • Over ten safety precautions preventing any issues that could happen within the chamber

  • The unit self-regulates itself for increased safety.

  • Owners or operators must instruct users to wear the proper attire (gloves and boots). Users of cryotherapy must also remove jewelry. The required accessories are included with the purchase of a XR cryo chamber.

The recent popularity of Cryo Chambers among health influencers and celebrities has created a mainstream demand to try cryotherapy for its cooling effects on the skin. The XR is sure to bring in new, interested tanning salon clientele to multiple locations in your franchise.


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