Cool Your Way To Health: The Top 7 Benefits Of Cryotherapy


Are you cryo healthy? Cryo health is a term we’d like to use when we regularly boost our immune system using cold therapy. Cryotherapy used to be just a cosmetic procedure that uses low temperatures in general or localized areas. In effect, the procedure treats tissue damage as a form of therapy. With regards to the whole body however, cryo health can also refer to the benefits received from are many cryotherapy chamber benefits.

Cryotherapy Chamber Benefits: Why Consider A Cryotherapy Machine For Sale?
Cryotherapy has been picking up steam in recent years. In fact, the global cryotherapy market had a value of $2.5 billion in 2015 alone. This is because cryotherapy is a safe alternative option for a variety of ailments.

Here are some of the top benefits cryotherapy has to offer to give you a better idea of why it's suddenly so popular:

  1. Weight loss. Cryotherapy can help support your weight loss process. Your metabolism may spike significantly after your treatment. This is because your body works harder to stay warm. What's more, cryotherapy helps soothe sore muscles, which makes fitness easier after an injury. It's also why so many professional athletes have their own cryotherapy chambers.

  2. Pain relief. As mentioned above, cold therapy helps reduce pain. As a form of cold therapy, cryotherapy treats muscle and joint pain. Many athletes also believe that it helps heal minor sports injuries. Those who have undergone cryotherapy, including rheumatoid arthritis patients, report less pain as well.

  3. Reduced inflammation. Inflammation can result from arthritis and overuse injuries. More than 50 million Americans live with arthritis today, and chronic inflammation can reduce mobility. As a form of cold therapy, cryotherapy can help to reduce inflammation. It can also boost blood circulation.

  4. Migraine prevention. Targeted cryotherapy can help to reduce the pain experienced by patients with migraines. Although cryotherapy can't get rid of the pain, it may prevent it in some cases.

  5. Cancer treatment. Medical cryotherapy is an established treatment for specific types of cancer. The therapy may be able to freeze cancer cells and remove cancerous tissue. Of course, these treatments should be performed under a doctor's direction, not with an at-home cryotherapy chamber.

  6. Reduced symptoms of eczema. Eczema is a chronic inflammatory skin condition. The condition can cause patches of dry skin that are itchy and uncomfortable. Patients with eczema who've tried cryotherapy have reported improvements in their symptoms.

  7. Dementia prevention. Some experts believe that cryotherapy may be able to reduce the risk of developing dementia. This is because, by reducing inflammation, you're able to reduce oxidative stress. Reduced oxidative stress can help with mild cognitive impairments.

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