Cryotherapy & Chiropractic - Pairing Treatment Plans for Optimum Care


Complimentary Modalities

With an ever increasing number of Americans suffering from acute and/or chronic low back pain, combined treatment modalities that compliment each other are being found to be more effective in providing relief for both types of pain sufferers. According to research studies, cryotherapy mixed with chiropractic adjustment prove to be more effective than a singular treatment, and have provided substantial and longer lasting pain relief for patients.


Athletes who have sustained injury and seek out chiropractic care are often those who want to avoid opioid pain medications, and are seeking ways to reduce recovery times. They are finding that utilizing a cryotherapy treatment before adjustment and in between their adjustments is significantly reducing the duration and intensity of their low back injuries. For persons who have lived with chronic pain from accidental injury, stress or physical limitations, the poor circulation and swelling sometimes makes chiropractic adjustment extremely uncomfortable for the patient. Chiropractors that have included a whole body cryotherapy chamber into their practice have seen substantial improvement in healing time and adjustment benefits for their patients.

How Cryotherapy Helps Chiropractic

Cryotherapy’s cool temperatures reduce pain, inflammation and help to benefit circulation. In these cooler body temperatures the blood flow is temporarily restricted, providing an anesthetic effect which is helpful to patients with low back pain during their chiropractic adjustment. Afterwards, the blood rushes to the affected areas and provides blood-supplied nutrients and oxygen to the injury location which helps to stimulate healing. Cryotherapy is proven to substantially lessen inflammation and reduce muscle spasm and tension in the low back and other areas of the musculoskeletal system, which is a great relief during adjustments.

Chiropractors are finding that the patient is easier to adjust after a cryotherapy session, and the chiropractic adjustment offers longer lasting pain relief coupled with the inflammation reduction from the cryotherapy session. Cryotherapy also provides patients with more relief when they utilize it in between adjustments, as adjustments cannot be performed too closely together with a patient that is suffering acute injury.

Chiropractors are including cryotherapy sessions into their patient treatment strategy to provide relief of low back muscle spasms, reduced inflammation and help in lessening muscle damage. Practitioners are finding reduced recovery times and overall healing success for chronic and acute low back pain patients, with the offering of whole body cryotherapy chamber sessions prior to adjustments.

Of course, the treatments of cryotherapy and chiropractic working in conjunction will continue to expand as more patients and athletes are requesting the dual healing techniques. Chiropractors have found that cryotherapy chamber sessions and chiropractic adjustments are mutually beneficial modalities for their patient’s overall successful low back healing and pain treatment plan.

Patricia Dixon