Reasons to Visit a Chiropractor




Over 80% of adults suffer from some form of back pain during their life, with the highest number being people with low back pain who sit all day at work. Sports and athletic injury make up a growing portion of pain sufferers, as well as those who are overweight or lack in exercise coupled with chronic illness, pain or injury. With over 40% of patients seeking chiropractic care as their first treatment option, chiropractic has become a healthy life choice in maintaining overall wellness.

Chiropractors treat patients with acute and chronic back and body pain, injury from vehicle accidents, migraines, subluxation, sciatica and sports injuries, as well as treatment for pregnant women who have misalignment from rapid body changes. Joint and muscle strain, back pain and pinched nerve pain being a constant driver for people to seek help, more and more people are turning to chiropractic life long care as a sustainable way to promote their overall health.

Chiropractic Care-Good Body Choices

Today, patients are avoiding taking pain medicines and are looking for less invasive ways than surgery or medication to treat their body. They want a healthy alternative that will include a long term health plan. It is a wellness lifestyle rather than a symptom-fixer that drives the increasing choice to seek chiropractic treatment.

Chiropractic care offers much more than a singular benefit of pain relief. Having regular spinal adjustments can also help the nervous system, as realignment allows for the immune system to flow freely so it is not pinched off or inhibited, thus it can function more effectively.

Chiropractic care is also of great benefit to pregnant women, in order to keep their body in alignment. Due to rapid physical changes, the body can misalign and impede the motion and weight distribution of the hips and mid region. With adjustment, it can relieve pressure on the spine and help in overall preparedness for childbirth. After pregnancy, a chiropractic maintenance wellness program helps a woman’s body to re-balance to its new form with healthy alignment. As their children grow, women find that continued adjustment helps their spinal alignment and body muscles, especially as they are carrying children that increase in weight on their hips, as well as the things that go along with parenthood (diaper bags, strollers, car seats).

Athletes regularly seek chiropractic treatments for overall physical performance, so that every body system is functioning at its best. Energy increases when muscles, tendons and joints are working in correct alignment. Because the nerves run throughout our spine and connect to our organs, having the body aligned on a regular basis allows us to be at our peak well being, reduce pain and muscle tension, and allow for the body to have the optimum environment for its own natural healing.

Anyone who sits at a desk for the better part of their day knows how important seeking chiropractic care can be. According to the ACA (American Chiropractic Association) “Chiropractors are the highest-rated healthcare practitioner for low-back pain treatments above physical therapists (PTs), specialist physician/MD (i.e., neurosurgeons, neurologists, orthopaedic surgeons), and primary care physician/MD (i.e., family or internal medicine).” [1] Low back pain is a leading cause of people of all ages to seek treatment for chronic and acute pain, with many reporting that they sit for long periods of time. Repetitive use of hands and arms is another reason that so many people turn to chiropractors for their healing choices. Chiropractic care includes treatment modalities that work with adjustment for a long term plan of health and wellness.

Chiropractic Benefits Every Lifestyle

Chiropractors treat patients of all ages, ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds with care that is tailored specifically to the medical issues each may be dealing with. Whether someone is elderly and arthritic, a young child with scoliosis or a young or middle-aged adult who works long hours, all have found benefit from working with a chiropractor for a lifestyle treatment that works for them. Enhancing the long-term health of patients is a chiropractic wellness plan that serves everyone.


Patricia Dixon