Breaking the Cycle of Low Back Pain Disability with Chiropractic Care


Breaking the Cycle of Low Back Pain Disability with Chiropractic Care


Low back pain is something nearly every person on the planet can relate to. Almost all of us have experienced it at one time or another, and many of us have lived with chronic low back pain for years. It has become one of the leading causes of disability worldwide, and one of the top reasons why people miss work according to the World Health Organization. [1] Whether back pain has a sudden onset, or has developed and stayed with a patient over the years, treatments such as chiropractic care, that focus on long-term health and wellness are becoming the best way to minimize injury and return people to their daily life without the need for invasive surgery or using pain medications.

Most low back pain issues are not caused by a specific disease and often come on suddenly. Low back pain affects millions of people, from children to elderly adults and everyone in between. Because it is so prevalent, let’s take a look at a few reasons why, and what patients are discovering in the best ways to heal.

Sitting at work

One of the most common low back pain attacks comes from hours sitting at a desk, in the same position, which puts pressure on the low spine. According to studies, this is a leading cause of disability, with at least half of the American population missing one or more days of work from low back pain. [2]

Lack of exercise/weight gain

A common problem for many, not enough exercise to keep the surrounding muscles in good shape to support the spine and nervous system is taking its toll on the low back.Gaining weight by immobility from pain or overall with age is adding to the low back stress of millions of people. Because it is a vicious cycle of pain creating lack of mobility and vice versa, chiropractic care can break the low back pain cycle and promote a healthier lifestyle.

Sports & Athletic injury

When we are in the gym or exercising outdoors, common things can set off the low back pain. A simple twist of an ankle, and a catch in the back can start us down this road. Repeated overwork and strain from climbing, swimming, biking or other athletic endeavors puts the low back into pain and bones, joints, ligaments and muscles are all affected.


A common complaint of low back pain from women around the world, pregnancy brings its own challenges. Rapid weight gain, unsteady gait, motion distribution is challenged, hormones soften the connective tissues- all of these can set the low back into spasm, stress and even injury.

All of these challenges are bringing more people to seek chiropractic care and wellness to overcome low back pain and it’s debilitating effects, and subsequently create a healthy life practice. Most low back pain is acute and brings patients to treatment centers for help, as it lasts for days or possibly a few weeks. It is a typically a direct result of one the above problems and can be treated without medication, by a chiropractor. The adjustment in the spine, neck and body help realign the body, and support the muscles and other soft tissues in recovery. Patients who choose to continue on a wellness support plan and have regular adjustments after their low back pain has gone or minimized, tend to do better when it comes to recurrence. Although chronic pain can occur after a short term injury or misalignment, having a chiropractic treatment plan that works for your injury and your body can provide the opportunity to reduce pain dramatically, and avoid repeated low back injury, swelling and pain.

With low back pain being a leading cause of disability and loss of work time, adversely affecting a patient’s work life, family life and personal well-being, chiropractic visits and lifelong wellness plan can substantially improve well being for low back pain patients of any age.



Patricia Dixon