Wolverine Goes Back to His Cold Roots


Marvel superstar Hugh Jackman doesn’t keep it a secret how hard he works out for his movie roles, especially as Wolverine in the X-Men movies. The Wolverine character is created to be from Cold Lake, Alberta Canada, and Jackman takes him back to those cold roots in his workout recovery. [1]

Jackman Works on Getting Jacked

Jackman’s amazing body transformation came with a lot of training, endurance and healthy recovery. Jackman trained for over a year to transform into his Wolverine physique. Two hours a day, and up to six days a week for a time, he was bulking up with reps, bench and barbell presses, machine workouts and cardio with speed training. His goals were to be lean and sculpted muscle, and of course, look his best.

Diet played a big part in keeping his body in the ultimate shape. Taking in a massive 4,000 to 5,000 calories a day, within an 8 hour period, while fasting for 16 hours. The fasting factor pushes the natural growth hormones to kick in. He wanted to be as healthy as possible and bulking that muscle at 44 years old was pretty impressive.

Even Wolverine Needs Balance

The workouts were weeks of intensity and strain on his body, with joints and muscles that needed recovery so he would not sustain injury and could continue to train. Hugh Jackman takes a day off every week during his workouts and uses cryotherapy as a way to recover from his workouts, and to improve his skin and rest. Stepping into the cold chamber, Jackman recorded his session and posted it to social media, to share more about how cryotherapy can help in workout recovery. The deep cold session causes the blood to move to the core of the body, and upon removal from the chamber, the blood has been highly oxygenated, loaded with nutrients from the organs and immune system and it is sent to the extremities to help muscles, joints and skin to recover quickly.

Cryotherapy offers multiple benefits to post workout recovery. With nutrients rushing to tired muscles, the muscles can recover much more quickly than with rest alone. The joints and muscles receive inflammation reduction from the cold. This long lasting reduction allows for more intense training sessions. The body also releases endorphins, helping the mind to feel refreshed and renewed post-cryotherapy. The skin gets a boost of collagen, the skin tightening and rejuvenation are a popular result for many celebrities. Many people find that after a cryotherapy session they have a more restful sleep.

Hugh Jackman uses every healthy advantage available in his regular body maintenance and performance. With so many benefits, cryotherapy is a real and popular advantage in faster recovery, as well as a lifestyle choice that can help the body feel good, look good and perform at it’s best.

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[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolverine_(character)

Ethan Domino