The ‘Fresh Prince’ Plays it Cool


Cryotherapy continues to attract major celebrities. As more and more celebrities do cryo, they see benefits like inflammation reduction, faster recovery, sharper mind, and overall body improvement. Whether muscle exhaustion from working out or facing a road of recovery from an injury, cryotherapy is taking on the challenges thrown at it with a cold win. Bad Boys star Will Smith knows when a good thing can improve his health and he takes the cryotherapy experience with the star power and good nature that everyone loves about him.

While in the Bahamas, Will Smith was introduced to cryotherapy by a friend, and the rest is millions of people seeing and agreeing it’s the way to go when you need a fast and healthy recovery method.

Take it from Will Smith, “Any inflammation you’ve got, it’s gonna knock it out!” says Will on his Instagram. The effects of cryotherapy can change the pain game, and lift you up to feeling back to yourself, and even better than you thought it could be.

In his social media posts, he labeled his cryotherapy experience video “I hate icing so this works for me!” Icing an injury can be very localized, and not have the deep effects of cryotherapy, which rushes nutrients and oxygen to the extremities where an injury has occurred. The whole body is treated in three minutes, and the body systems have an experience that will take them into protection and recovery mode quickly.

This can really change the game for how inflammation is treated, with longer lasting effects than local icing, and much more quickly. Endorphins, collagen and nutrients are produced and are circulated throughout the the body while supercharging the brain by naturally created enzymes. Reaching recovery from inflammation and injury in a natural way with cryotherapy, is becoming very popular with athletes and celebrities alike, who do not want to use medications to treat their healthy bodies.

The cryosauna is a technologically advanced, well designed treatment machine with strong safety measures to help prevent any issues.

Taking a new approach with cryotherapy as a first line of defense in workout recovery, rather than a last resort, has changed the way many athletes and celebrities like Will Smith workout and press their bodies to be the ultimate human machine. The power it enables before and after workouts can substantially increase the ability of the body to take on more challenging workouts and move the muscle systems into a stronger and more careful balance of work and recovery.

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Ethan Domino