Cryotherapy Skin Treatments


A Cold Revolution in Skin Care


Our skin is the largest organ of our body and is a living wonder of tissue, circulation, and nerve endings.  Cleopatra’s skin care routine is legendary, which included a daily bath in donkey milk, honey, and almond oil, followed by a Dead Sea salt scrub.  She was so beautiful that her seduction of Mark Antony changed the course of the entire Roman Empire.  Her pursuit of skin care was not new, and today skin care is a multi-billion dollar industry.

Most spas focus their work on the face and neck as these areas are the most visible and cause concern as we age.  Sun damage, stress, and even a lack of sleep can cause skin to look older and make you feel less confident.  Traditional solutions have been to treat your skin by using lotions, peels, and even laser therapy.  These treatments do work but have one common weakness: they work on existing damage from the outside skin surface.  Dermatologists and skin care specialists are now touting cryotherapy skin benefits as a way to tighten and vitalize skin from the inside-out, improving skin appearance at a cellular level.

There are immediate effects of using simple ice-cubes on your skin. Ice therapy:

  • Stimulates collagen

  • Prompts blood circulation

  • Reduces swelling and redness

  • Reduces pain

  • Primes skin for foundation and makeup

  • Tightens the appearance of large pores

  • Soothes sunburned skin

Cryosaunas harness all of the above effects instantly and apply them over your entire body, and the total process is complete in under 3 minutes.  Cryosauna Skin Treatments are a safe and chemical free addition to your existing skin care routine.  Just as an infrared or steam-sauna treats your whole body with heat cryosaunas treat your whole body with very cold dry air.  This freezing air—or cold fog—gently bathes your body in cold temperatures to achieve the same benefits of ice therapy.  Once your sauna treatment is complete your skin temperature will return to normal and the warm enriched blood will begin to repair and reduce inflammation in your skin.

Spa therapy focuses on one area at a time, such as the face, and can cost hundreds of dollars.  Cold therapy, also known as cryotherapy, uses below freezing air to cool the skin surface of the entire body for a fraction of the cost.  During cryotherapy skin treatments the skin’s surface-temperature drops and constricts, pushing the blood away from the surface towards the warm core of the body.  This natural process is the body’s way of protecting itself from sudden cold temperatures and is the same invigorating process experienced by jumping into a cold pool.  With cryotherapy the blood is kept warm in the core, re-oxygenated, and replenished with nutrients and enzymes.  It is available in luxury spas as a cryosauna.

How can cryosaunas improve your skin care?  Regular visits to a cryosauna can begin to show improvements to your skin after a single visit; however, regular Whole Body Cryotherapy treatments can significantly alter your skin’s ability to replenish itself and repair damage, including cellulite.  Weekly visits can provide enriched blood to your skin’s entire surface, vitalizing and tightening your skin reducing inflammation in your skin, joints, and muscles, and for a lot less than most professional facials. Celebrities such as Rooney Mara, Jessica Alba, Alicia Keys, and Mandy Moore all use cryotherapy skin treatments to maintain their flawless skin.

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Mike Bakke