XR Cryotherapy Chamber Operator Training


This training will explain the six-steps to becoming a certified operator of the XR Cryotherapy chamber along with operational steps to effectively run a session.


STEP 1 - Signing Into the Cryo Innovations Web-Portal

  • Sign-in to the web-portal by going to www.cryoinnovations.com and select the sign-in button on the top right.

  • The Owner’s username and password is in the Welcome Email sent by Cryo Innovations.

  • Review the Website Terms of Service and Privacy policy Agreement and click Accept

STEP 2 - Registering new staff

  • After an owner, manager, or operator signs in - select “Staff Management” - followed by “Register New Staff”

  • Enter in the new operator's information into the form fields and assign them a password

  • To edit information or to delete a staff member - select the "Edit" button

  • Click save after entering each staff member


STEP 3 - Setting up the Point of Sale

  • The Point of Sale requires signing up a merchant account through our merchant system - “Mojopay” or you also have the option of choosing “Stripewhich we recommend over MojoPay.

    • Click on Location Profile > Edit Location profile > Click on “Integrate with Stripe” on the bottom of the page > sign-in with your Stripe > Select “stripe” from the payment processor drop down menu.

  • Click the link provided on the point of sale tab that says “click here to sign up Merchant Account”

  • Once this is complete the owner will be given a Mojopay A P I token key

  • Copy and paste this key into the field that says Mojopay A P I token in the Location Management tab on the main menu

  • The chamber is now setup to accept payments through the tablet credit card reader

  • To create subscriptions - owners or managers can go to the Point of Sale tab

  • They can customize subscriptions to fit their business strategies

  • Subscriptions can be edited - activated or deactivated after creating the subscription

  • Owners or managers can also offer extra products or services in the Point of Sale

  • It is easy to add - edit or delete them in the “Products or Services” tab

  • Select the “Action” button and check the box of the appropriate category

  • The “Transactions” tab allows owners or managers to view payments as well as process refunds

  • A ranking system of one lowest through five highest controls certain selections and options throughout

  • If a manager is a rank of three - only activities that have the same rank or lower are available to them - such as discounts and specials

  • For example an owner would have a rank of five or full access, and a general manager would have a rank of four

  • The ability to discount - change items - and change prices - are reserved for a rank of three through five

STEP 4 - Marketing

  • Cryo Innovations offers a unique option on the XR Cryotherapy chamber top monitor display

  • It allows owners to present on-board advertising to their clients during a session

  • The “Marketing” tab allows businesses to advertise and promote in video format

  • Selecting “Details” will bring operators to the management page

  • Owners or managers can add promotional videos - logos and ticker text to the monitor - All of which are visible to the client during a session

STEP 5 - Fingerprint Management

  • Select Fingerprint Management from the main menu

  • Select add fingerprint

  • Next - the operator will lift and gently place their finger on the fingerprint scanner on the left side of the tablet

  • Do this four times to fully capture the fingerprint

  • Once the final fourth capture is made - a fingerprint will be added to the profile

  • Select the top left back button to proceed to the certification exam if not already prompted to do so

Tip: Always use the same finger for all operators and customers so not to get confused on which finger they registered with

STEP 6 - Certification

  • To operate the XR Cryotherapy chamber chamber - an operator must pass the certification safety exam

  • The exam will ensure that each operator knows the basics of operation and safety for the XR Cryotherapy chamber

  • After passing the exam the unit will be operational via the operators fingerprint