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Custom Marketing & Social Media for your Growth


Adding social media to your cryotherapy business will be a defining factor for its exponential growth. CRYO INNOVATIONS provides custom marketing materials to showcase your facility with the XR cryo chamber.

  • Once on-board, you will send your high-resolution company logo or vector file to us. We will then create initial flyers and digital images for posting to your social media.

  • You will have unfettered access to our ever-growing media database to use for your business. Included are: High Resolution Chamber, Nitrogen Dewar, and Athlete pictures.

Social Media - Essential to any Business

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Social Media platforms have become the “word-of-mouth” and has replaced traditional print marketing. Before, your customers may have spoken about your brand & services over a cup of coffee to their closest friends. Now, you have the ability to publicly reach tens of thousands of people with a positive message about your brand with one SNAP or TWEET to include pictures and links to your facility.

Having a social media presence in today’s world is essential for significant brand awareness. Businesses not going "all in" on social media will have a severe disadvantage in the next 12 to 24 months.

  • In a study done by digital media firm, Convince and Convert, they found that a majority of Americans who follow brands on social platforms are more loyal to those brands. Most companies are aiming to reach millennials who become dedicated to sharing what they are doing at every moment of their day across their social media platforms. Cryotherapy, is the choice of athletes and celebrities alike and millennials are quick to adopt this easy and feel good therapy.

  • Adweek reported that 71% of millennials check social media on a daily basis. The race is on to dominate social media within the Cryotherapy industry.

Taking your business to the next level within the social media realm will require:

  • Building a consistent brand story online.

  • Creating a strong Business Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter Page for your customers to interact with.

  • Posting relevant, engaging content that gets a conversation started about your brand.

  • Building relationships online with people who are eager to speak positively about your company.

Cryotherapy Website Design and Marketing

CryoBiz is a cryotherapy web design and marketing company that helps cryotherapy businesses build and maintain a professional image online. They create marketing strategies for cryotherapy businesses, setup advertising programs and engage in effective email marketing campaigns that can help grow your business. Learn more about what they can do and how they do cryotherapy marketing, visit

Our Social Media Marketing Support

We have a framework to help your company organically build a presence online. This will help create an opportunity for new customers to become loyal to your brand. We break down and teach you Social Media’s “word-of-mouth” marketing in repeatable, actionable steps that can be consistently implemented for your business.


  • The XR collects demographic data on every client. Which is found in the back office dashboard of Cryo Innovations’ software.

  • Cryo Innovations helps an owner to leverage this information for targeted traffic directly to their XR Cryotherapy Chamber.

    • Local Targeted Marketing, Sponsoring Local Athletes, Instagram Hacks, etc

Contact us for more details on what our system provides and our social media building services. (949-627-8790 or 888-431-CRYO)

Social Media is critical to the growth of your business and Cryo Innovations leads the industry with resources that will keep you on the cutting-edge.

Our Business is YOUR Growth!

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