Make a profit, cut expenses, and provide the best experience possible. These are the main goals that lead to highest return on investment (ROI) possible. Buy the right cryotherapy chamber and meet these goals. The XR is an energy efficient, high performing machine that has proven to be the most profitable in the industry. Watch one of our many success stories to see how they made money! View our cryotherapy business model and learn more about the business.

User our ROI Calculator to get a better idea of costs/profits.


How safe is a cryo chamber? When dealing with temperatures as low as 220º F, safety is the top priority. Investing in safety will protect your customers and reduce your liability. The XR has 8+ on-board sensors ensuring the maximum safety of your customers. The XR uses liquid nitrogen because since it’s the most effective method in delivering cold therapy as with liquid nitrogen we can reach maximum cold temperatures. The technology of the XR allows for six different temperatures, evenly distributing nitrogen to the unit. This is a proprietary technology exclusive to the XR. The machine will only run when specific safety criteria are met, thereby reducing liability. This delivers the most effective experience and will allow you to provide secure and profitable sessions.



How do you buy a cryotherapy chamber? There are not too many costs that you need to know when you plan on buying a cryotherapy chamber. Usually having cash to buy upfront is the fastest and cheapest way to purchase. If you need financing, we can help you find budgeting for your chamber. You can also finance a cryo chamber through one of our financing partners. Sometimes we match investors with buyers too. Make sure to let us know your needs to help us find what’s right for you. 



What else do you need to add a cryotheray unit to your business? Before you buy a cryo machine, ensure that you have the required space for a cryo chamber. Check your local business codes to determine any legal restrictions for this service. The unit and its Nitrogen dewars take up an area of 5’ x 5’. The recommended room size for the sauna is 10’ x 10’. The room can be smaller if the Nitrogen dewars are stored in a separate room and connected through the wall. We prioritize facility development and make sure that it’s a part of our turn-key operation that leads to our customer’s success. Your success is our success!


How do you install a cryotherapy chamber? With the XR, Installation is very fast and easy. You don’t need to pay for installing the unit as you can install it on your own. Installation steps are clear and very straight forward. The XR is the most mobile cryo chamber in the market. If you need help with installation however, we offer a $3,000 white-glove service to install your unit for you.

My experience with Cryo Innovations was amazing. Hands down from top to bottom every staff member was super helpful, friendly, and made sure we were successful.
— Jon Enke, Tan LA


How do you maintain a cryotherapy machine? The XR cryotherapy chamber has no moving parts. All the parts are assembled here in Newport Beach, United States which enables fast turn-around times in the instance that a replacement for any part needs to be ordered. Automated software updates are done over-the-air and will ensure that your unit has the most recent bug fixes and improvements available. Physical upgrades are done via an install kit that’s sent to the owner. The XR is modular. Sensors are USB terminated and can be replaced within a few short minutes.


Being able to effectively scale in size is critical to the success of any growing business. This is why we have innovated business tools and analytics, such as the built-in point-of-sale feature, and other advanced business tools like corporate dashboards and performance analytics to help you manage and scale your operations. The XR allows you to manage multiple units and locations with ease. This makes is the perfect solution for corporate and cryo spa chains.



Whether you’re catering to elite athletes or professional athletes to help them recover faster, or the general public to help with pain relief, marketing your new cryotherapy services is vital to your success. Effective marketing increases your earnings, and improves your return on your investment, making you pay back the cost of your investment faster. We help our customers get the best cryo marketing to help you reach out to existing customers, and attract new ones. We have a framework to help your company build a strong presence online. This will help you increase your company’s brand loyalty and equity. We teach you effective Social Media and “word-of-mouth” marketing. Breaking it down into repeatable, actionable steps that can be easily implemented by anyone in your business. Your success is our success!