The main goal of your new piece of equipment is to profit from the services it provides. Customers have to feel that they’re receiving the treatment and experience they pay for, while you keep your operating cost and overhead low. You will want to purchase a cryotherapy machine that accomplishes these objectives, providing you with the best return on investment (ROI) possible. The XR cryogenics machine price is much less than its earning potential. This means the XR offers  the industry’s best ROI. View our cryotherapy business model  for more information.



Since cryotherapy incorporates liquid nitrogen to reach extremely low temperatures, investing in the safest cryotherapy chamber will keep your valued customers safe and reduce your liability.

Designed around the user and their safety, the XR has over ten on-board safety features that minimize owner liability, including thermal imaging, pulse oxygen sensors, head sensors, emergency stop button, emergency shut-off valve, and much more. With temperatures available in six different settings from -60F to -220F, evenly distributed nitrogen and proprietary dispersion technology deliver effective and safe therapy sessions. These features ensure the safety of the user, and the chamber will only run when specific criteria are met.




It is critical to understand the costs associated with buying a cryo chamber. With help from Cryo Innovations, budgeting for your chamber is easy. We also have a variety of available options that will help you fund your cryo machine cost.




Before you make your purchase, ensure that you have the space for a cryo chamber. Start by checking local business codes to determine any restrictions for this business or service. The chamber and Nitrogen dewars take up an area of 5’ x 5’. The recommended room size for a cryo machine is 10’ x 10’, although the rooms can be smaller, especially if Nitrogen dewars are stored in a separate room and connected through the wall.

Cryo Innovations offers a $3000 white-glove installation service for the XR cryo chamber. This service is not necessary; as installing the unit on your own is very straight forward. 



Marketing your new cryotherapy services is vital to your success. Effective marketing can increase your earnings, which greatly improves the return on your investment of the cryo machine price. Cryo Innovations offers custom marketing support that will help you inform current customers and attract new ones, which means you’ll earn back the cryotherapy machine price over and over again.


Your success is our success!

Find out how the XR can help you launch your cryotherapy business