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People First

Business is all about relationships and value. This is more important to us than the transaction itself. We are drawn to connection and telling stories of our customer’s successes.

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We are not a team of instant gratification or entitlement. We are grateful for the opportunity we have to bring a great product to the hands of business builders across the globe. We embrace feedback as it is necessary for growth.

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Without trust, relationships crumble. We bring up the tough subjects and welcome them. This creates an environment for growth in an efficient way. Around every issue, is a favorable solution. We stay open.

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We are fostering long term relationships with our customers. They should know exactly what they are signing up for and who they are working with. Therefore we take it very seriously to be as clear as possible so there are no surprises.

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We’re only as good as our word.

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continuous innovation

The secret to lean manufacturing is continuous improvement with a system in place to cultivate it. Same applies here. We have a brilliant team of thinkers and managers that allows for a continuous flow of new innovations being released.

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Simplicity is elegance. Simplicity is knowing when to say no.

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exponential thinking

1.5% better every day for a year yields exponential growth. We are an intentional company from our product offering to our internal operations. All of which greatly benefit our customers in a way that no competitor can touch or catch up with.