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Cryotherapy has disrupted the health and fitness world as one of the latest trends. Especially in the last few years, celebrities and athletes alike have enjoyed the cooling therapy. Many newcomers and first time users are skeptical of taking this cold plunge because there are several unknowns. With all the claims about cryotherapy circulating, one may wonder: what is fact and what is fiction? As a manufacturer of cryotherapy chambers, we try to clear the air about certain misnomers and rumors that exist within the cryo industry. We have done our research and believe we can provide insight into which comments are true about cryotherapy and which are myths.

Here are some popular topics surrounding cryotherapy, and explanations on which claims are valid:

1. Safety of Cryotherapy


    Cryotherapy is unsafe and dangerous, and people should avoid using it

  • FACT:

    In general, cryotherapy itself is a safe and effective method of alleviating pain and stress in the muscles and joints to reduce inflammation.


Of course, there are accidents only because in those cases, the user does not take the proper precautions. Understanding the science behind what happens to the body helps explain why users must to take these steps.

When the body enters the chamber, it soon adjusts to the below freezing temperatures by going into “survival mode.” The blood from the extremities- the hands and feet- will rush to the core to protect the user’s vital organs. Therefore, cryotherapy users must wear warm gloves and feet covers such as socks, boots, or slippers. Wearing these during a session will prevent frostbite (read:Frostbite Prevention during Cryotherapy).

In addition to the physical wear, users must also read through a list of contraindications. These are medical situations that would prevent safe use of cryotherapy. A few of these include pregnancy or a recent bone fracture. The list of contraindications determines a user's ability to either use or not use the therapy. When entering the chamber, other rules include no jewelry, a dry body, and no open wounds or sores.

2. Temperatures Reached in the Cabin during Cryotherapy


    The temperature in cryosaunas can reach below 250 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit

  • FACT:

    The actual cabin temperature can reach no lower than -220 to -230 degrees Fahrenheit


When we say the cabin temperature can reach -220 degrees Fahrenheit, we mean it! This is the lowest possible temp a cryo chamber can reach. Some claim that their cryosaunas can reach as low as -280 to -300 degrees Fahrenheit. This is false; instead of the cabin temperature, or environment in which the users stands, these very low temperatures represent the temperature of the vaporized liquid nitrogen is at its boiling point when it turns to a gas. NO cryosauna can reach this temperature; it is physically impossible. A body creates a slight rise in temperature when it occupies the small space.  


3. Research/ Evidence for Benefits of Cryotherapy


There is no evidence to conclude that cryotherapy has physical or mental/ emotional benefits


There are many studies who support the claim that cryotherapy can benefit both the body and the mind


Cryotherapy clinical studies have found evidence for improvement in some aspects of the user’s health. It’s worth noting that while most studies focus on long- term benefits, the short- term benefits are significant as well.

Initially, since the blood vessels constrict, there is a reduction of inflammation in the body. Reduced inflammation, then, leads to less pain in the affected area. As for effects on mood and energy, the body releases endorphins, feel- good hormones, during a session. When stepping out of the chamber, the user experiences an energized and euphoric feeling. As these explain just a few of short- term benefits, you can find further explanation on the effects of cryotherapy here.

Having the ability to sort out what is true and false about cryotherapy will contribute to your success as an owner of a cryochamber. You will likely have to answer questions from customers who have concerns like the ones expressed here. With this knowledge in mind, you are equipped with accurate information, as well as the ability to ease any fears of the unknowns of cryotherapy. Putting customer’s minds at ease and relating these facts will surely help drive business and increase interest in the unique therapy.

Know the Facts about Cryotherapy!

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