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Getting my Facility Cryo- Ready

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This is one of the first questions business owners ask before investing in a cryo chamber. Cryo chambers can be a very profitable addition to your business. The main requirement for your facility is that there is ventilation in the room where the chamber is placed.

Here is a standard set-up:

  • 1 liquid nitrogen dewar (bottom center)

  • 1 ceiling exhaust fan (top left)

The journey for getting your facility prepared for the XR cryo chamber consists of the steps below:

Location Requirements

  • Check local codes to identify any restrictions for this business or service

  • Unit will fit through any normal office door (some smaller doors require unit to be carried in sideways)

  • Recommended room size (10’ x 10’), however room can be smaller if Nitrogen dewars are stored in a separate room and connected through the wall

  • The chamber and the liquid nitrogen dewar take up a 5’ x 5’ area

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  • An optional layout shown in blue illustrates having the dewars in a separate room, routing the hose through the wall.

  • The room where the dewars are stored would need a separate plug in oxygen sensor.

  • There is an oxygen sensor built into the chamber so no additional oxygen sensors are needed if the dewar is in the same room.

  • Strong WiFi - may need "wifi extender" if room is in cement walls or far from router.

  • A normal 110v, 10 amp outlet

  • Tile or linoleum is best for flooring.

  • The base of the chamber will need to be level, and this is accomplished with adjustable height foot pads on casters.

  • Does the chamber need to travel down a corridor hallway to enter the room? Contact us to discuss.

Liquid Nitrogen Supplier

  • Cryo Innovations has a corporate relationship with a national gas supplier. This is important because most local suppliers are not educated on liquid nitrogen for cryotherapy, and the XR's safety features specifically.

  • We will send your address to the National representative and they will provide you with your Regional representative.

  • The National supplier will prepare the Regional representative with the standard protocol for working with Cryo Innovation’s customers.

  • Contact your Regional representative, schedule an initial site visit to review your facility.

  • Order 230 MP dewar(s) from the Regional representative. It is recommended to start with two dewars. Here is the breakdown of costs to help with your budget:

    • Each Dewar costs (~$60/mo to rent)

    • Each Dewar refill costs ($100-$150 per fill)

    • This comes out to $5/session

  • Request a 50 psi Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) from your representative for each liquid nitrogen dewar.

  • Pay attention to any contracts you are presented with. We recommend signing 1 or 2 year contracts.

Air Circulation

  • If your gas representative recommends air circulation modifications to your facility, follow the steps below.

    • If a fan is required, it most likely will need to exhaust to the outside

    • Fan Size: 1CFM per 1 square foot of room size: Example: 100 square feet = 100 CFM

    • Home Depot - Grainger - Lowe's -

  • The LOWER the SONE of the fan the QUIETER it is.

  • The customer is responsible to contact a contractor to install the exhaust fan.

    • It is not recommended to install fan directly above cryo chamber.

Setting up a location for cryotherapy is a crucial step early in the process.

Your success, is our success!

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