Mobility of the XR Cryo Chamber



Most Portable Stand Up Chamber

Not only does the XR cryotherapy chamber deliver the safest, most powerful experience for cryotherapy users. It is also the only completely mobile, stand up, non-inflatable chamber on the market. This makes installing the unit and showing it to others so much easier. We at Cryo Innovations believe in convenience and ease of use for our customers.

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It’s easy to get the unit to its desired location from delivery to installation:

  • It fits through any 36” wide doorway

  • Rolls on lock-down industrial wheels with leveling foot pads

  • Easily rolls through any hallway and over carpeting


The Cryo Innovations XR cryotherapy chamber offers the smallest exterior footprint (44” x 34”). Yet, it also has a large interior cabin compared to other chambers. This will make it easier for you to fit the chamber in your facility and accommodate larger athletes. It is small enough to put in most offices with a Liquid Nitrogen Dewar. Together they will occupy a  5’ x 5’ area. A 10’ x 10’ room will be enough space for the unit, dewars, changing area and ventilation. You have the option to put the liquid nitrogen dewars in the same room as the chamber, or route the hose through a wall.

Marathons and Iron Man Style Events

Owners of the XR cryotherapy chamber can showcase it at events. These events have hundreds to thousands of people attending. Bringing the chamber to these events can draw attention to your business or practice. It will also help to increase awareness about the therapy. Runners and athletes are likely to show an interest if the benefits of cryotherapy are communicated well. Having a method to speed up recovery is crucial for these active groups of people. It’s also important for participants in these events to have reduced pain and inflammation.

Our team over at Yin Wellness Institute brought their XR on the road for the Outdoor FitFest by Fitcon and ran sessions all day, outdoor in the sun!


Check out our Instagram page to see more pictures.

We have designed the chamber as a portable stand up device as a convenient solution. Owners can install it in different locations and introduce it to target customers. Whether you want an easily mobile cryo chamber for your office or plan to showcase it elsewhere, the XR cryotherapy chamber is the perfect fit.

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