NEW TECH for Cryotherapy


Visualizing the Cryotherapy Experience with Thermal Imaging


Cryo Innovations has released its latest technology upgrade to the XR cryotherapy chamber: Thermal Imaging. This provides a more dynamic view of the user's body during a cryotherapy session, providing the optimal experience.

Thermal imaging shows the temperatures throughout the body during cryotherapy. This technology displays skin temperatures in real time. The colder the better! Skin temperatures will be recorded along with the rest of the user's statistics accessed through the back end login.

head sensor + thermal image.jpg

The cold has several benefits on the appearance and wellbeing of the skin:

  • It has a cleansing and contracting effect.

  • It can clear and reduce the appearance of pores.

  • The production of sebum is diminished. This helps control current and future acne breakouts.

  • Cold temperatures aid in reducing swelling around the body and face.

  • As skin temperatures drop, the blood flow is redirected from the affected area. This immediately decreases inflammation.  

Customers pay anywhere from $35-$75 per session and most businesses sell packages of 6 or 10 cryo sessions at a time.  Your cost per use is approximately $5 so this high margin treatment will start making you money very quickly.

Cryo Innovations is a US based Cryotherapy device manufacturer that prides itself on being the safest, easiest to use unit on the market. With a full team of engineers and doctors on staff Cryo Innovations is at the forefront of the newest concepts within the cryotherapy industry.

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