How to Keep Your Customers Calm and Safe During Cryotherapy


You've invested in the latest cryotherapy chamber for sale on the market in order to bring happiness and health to your patients. When it comes to keeping them safe during their cryotherapy chamber session, however, there are a few facts you should include in your cryotherapy business plan. Anxious patients are unsafe patients, so follow this advice to keep customers calm during their treatment.

It might be unpleasant at first
It's important to let your clients know, especially if it's their first time undergoing cryotherapy, that it might be uncomfortable at first. It's a shock to the system, but once your body gets used to it, cryotherapy chamber benefits start to work their magic. Cryotherapy can benefit arthritis, joint pain, muscle tension, and even depression thanks to the feel-good endorphins released by your body. Some people have even reduced their depression by 50% thanks to cryotherapy sessions.

It affects the whole body
Keep in mind that the cryotherapy chamber is designed to encompass the entire body, except for the head. If patients prefer localized cryotherapy benefits, you need a trained professional to administer the application, via a cryotherapy wand or a facial instrument. A successful business plan will usually include a range of cryotherapy options, but having full transparency in your business plan and advertising will improve your customers' experience.

Include an emergency button
Cryotherapy is a safe procedure, but some people grow anxious in confined spaces, which is why you should include an emergency call button for your clients. Maybe the client doesn't do well in small spaces, or maybe they simply remembered they have a cake in the oven. Whatever the reason, the door to your cryo chamber should open with little force and the emergency stop button should both shut down the chamber and alert staff that something may be wrong. 

Avoid frost burn
Though the risk of frost burn is low, there is always the possibility of sensitive clients feeling uncomfortable. Your client should always wear gloves and boots to protect their extremities in your cryotherapy chamber. While your client doesn't necessarily have to wear clothes in their therapy session, you should always supply clean robes, slippers, and gloves for sensitive clients. 

Additionally, you should alert patients that cryotherapy sessions should only last a short period of time. Have a security monitor present in the event your patient falls asleep or passes out. 

Cryotherapy offers a multitude of benefits, but only if the procedure is done right. Keep these safety tips in mind when you think about looking for a cryotherapy chamber for sale