Cryo Innovations has changed the game for gym, tanning, and spa chain owners with the XR Thermal Edition Cryotherapy Chamber. The XR has management capabilities unique from all other cryosaunas on the market, making it extremely advantageous for chain owners.

As displayed in the graphic above, there are three important qualities that the XR has that will enable your success.


  • Corporate Chain Management

    • Remote access to every location, made available through our web based systems.

  • Location Performance Management

    • Detailed analysis of individual locations provides every statistic needed for review.

  • Ease of Installation

    • Our pre-assembled, mobile chamber rolls right into your facility.  First sessions can be run hours after delivery.

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  • Drive Business Decisions

    • We've integrated the best technology into the XR, allowing owners to drive business decisions more effectively. 

  • Reporting, Analytics, and Insights

    • All of the data is collected, analyzed, and delivered to you live. Critical information is always at your fingertips, at a moments notice.

  • Profiling Clientele Demographics

    • Gives your digital marketing a map to target the right people.


  • Certified Operator & Authorized User

    • The XR requires two people to operate. Dual Fingerprint Authorization ensures safe use.

  • Self-Regulated Chamber 

    • With 8+ onboard sensors keeping track of the user, the XR will terminate the session if the proper procedures are not followed.

  • Contraindications and Safety Waivers

    • Linked to the client's profile, digitally stored in the cloud, removing liability at scale.

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