The Ellen DeGeneres Show Uses Cryo Innovations XR Cryotherapy Chamber


Cryo Innovations, U.S manufacturer of the safest and most technologically advanced whole-body cryotherapy chamber, was seen on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when our XR Chamber was used to run a live cryotherapy session. Mark Wahlberg spoke about using cryotherapy after working out during his appearance on the show. “I’m telling you it is great for recovery, and it takes all the inflammation out of your body, makes your sleep good, you should try it.” Wahlberg's talk of this "chill therapy" lead to a request for an actual chamber for a following episode.

“Mark Wahlberg was here yesterday, He told me about one of the secrets how he keeps fit, it’s something called Cryotherapy, So It’s Crazy what celebrities do to stay in shape, but I was curious so I bought one”, Ellen said revealing the XR Cryo Chamber, “That is a Cryotherapy Chamber and it freezes your body to negative 150 degrees. I try to stay positive but if this negative makes you look good, I’m in.”

On this episode, Ellen surprises one of her executive producers by sending him into the sub-zero chamber on the spot. A standard negative 230 degree Fahrenheit, three-minute session was carried out by Cryo Innovations CEO, Keith Scheinberg resulting in a comical episode.

“Here at Cryo Innovations, we were thrilled to see the newest of our cryotherapy chambers, the XR, on one of the top national television shows,” Scheinberg shared. “We thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being on the show and look forward to her viewers seeing what cryotherapy has to offer.”

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Check out the clip from the show!