Ashley Downes

President/Owner of FitFuel Nutrition, LLC

Ashley Downes, President/Owner of FitFuel Nutrition, LLC, is an ACE certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist. She holds a BA in Health and Fitness from Purdue University. Ashley has acquired certifications in Lifestyle and Weight Management, Group Fitness, and Sports Conditioning. She is driven to help others find success in reaching their wellness goals, by encouraging them to choose an active lifestyle, fuel the body with nourishing foods, and focus on recovery with cryotherapy.

FitFuel located in Jasper, IN, offering Nutrition Coaching, Group Fitness, and Cryotherapy.

The mission of FitFuel is to empower others to make positive lifestyle changes through nutrition choices, exercise, and therapeutic recovery. The balance between movement, utilizing food as fuel, and decreasing inflammation in our bodies reflects our well-being. FitFuel aims to provide education in these areas to promote an enhanced quality of life.

Ashley was introduced to cryotherapy while training for the Boston and New York Marathons in 2017. She battled Achilles Tendinitis for 9 months. Ashley tried everything from ice, rolling, massage, physical therapy, and time off from training. Nothing helped. A client suggested cryotherapy, so she gave it a try. She could not believe the results. Ashley knew she had to share this incredible recovery method with her local community!

After researching the benefits of whole body cryotherapy, she realized it isn't only for athletes! It was a no-brainer for Ashley and her husband, Ryan, to introduce cryotherapy to Jasper, IN.

“Safety was a major concern for us, and the Cryo Innovations XR was the right choice. The technology and safety features of the XR are second to none. The point of sale and customer relations are top notch as well. We are grateful!” - Ashley