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Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

How to get the most usage out of your Liquid Nitrogen Dewars:

  • Depending upon how you use your dewars, you could get 30+ sessions out of your nitrogen dewars.

  • The busier you are the more usage you are going to get out of your liquid nitrogen as long as your employees are not being careless.

  • Running your sessions close to each other is helpful because you don't have to use as much nitrogen cooling the pipes between sessions.

  • Only pre-cool for as long as you need to.

  • Use a Vacuum Jacketed hose for 15% more efficiency.

    • Average cryotherapy business receives a full return on their VJ hose investment in 18 months. Busy cryotherapy locations can receive a full return on investment within 6 months.

  • Make sure you are being delivered the proper settings on your Dewars.

  • Older Dewars and failing valves are going to be less efficient so having good open communication with you nitrogen supplier is recommended.  When you feel something isn't functioning at its full capacity you can bring it to their attention.

  • Getting clients in the chamber as quickly as possible, closing the door right away, starting a session as quickly as possible are just a few ways to conserve your liquid nitrogen. If your location is not busy we suggest utilizing your social media and ticker text on the chamber accessed through the marketing tab at to post offers like bring a friend and cryo for free/$5/$15 etc.

  • Remember: If you don’t use your nitrogen, you lose it.



Mobile Sign-up


We have set ourselves apart by streamlining your cryotherapy operation. Not only are all contraindications and safety waivers digitally stored for every customer profile, but new clients are able to sign-up with a mobile device.

The quick and easy sign-up decreases wait time and eliminates the registration bottleneck to maximize efficiency and profits. Customers can access your domain on their mobile phones, also a dedicated reception tablet could be placed in the lobby. You were given your custom domain upon purchase, your domain is fully customized with your company logo, delivering a polished touch to your clients.

Contact us if you need help utilizing your custom website.



Social Media Spotlight


We would like to recognize Isle Cryotherapy for doing an outstanding job with their Social Media presence.

Here are a couple of reasons why Instagram is a major key for your business:

  • Visual content is essential to your marketing strategy

  • You can reach a LOT of people through Instagram marketing.

  • It’s the perfect opportunity to engage with your community.

  • It’s a goldmine of useful feedback and insights!

Tag us on your posts (Stories, feed posts) and use hashtag #xrsetup to be featured!

Islecryotherapy  - She is happy with her Cryo sessions!!!

Islecryotherapy - She is happy with her Cryo sessions!!!



Cryotherapy Blogs

Click to access the blogs

Click to access the blogs

Need more information and help regarding the Cryotherapy Industry?

Check out Cryotherapy blogs, These blogs will help you with your business and educating your customers about Cryotherapy treatment.



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