Adam and Julie Aragon

Founders of Studio 127 Salon and Day Spa

Adam and Julie have been helping people relieve their pain in almost every way imaginable for well over a decade.

Studio 127, established in 2004, has been the vehicle that has propelled Adam and Julie to success in the salon and day spa industry. With over 23 years of experience in massage therapy, they have expanded their business to include all day spa amenities, acupuncture, and cryotherapy.

After researching cryotherapy, they decided to partner with Cryo Innovations and integrate the XR whole body chamber into their business model. “I use it, my clients use it, I promote it to my clients, I believe in the scientific backing of it, I know it truly does work.” Adam has gone all in, for his clients, and for his business. He has seen the benefits for both, which has helped his business grow to the success that it is.

Adam and Julie leaped off the starting line and were able to get their ROI in 17 weeks!

Check out their Success Story down below: