Finding Comfort in Cryotherapy


Putting your Fears at Ease

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Whole body cryotherapy is the process of immersing one’s body in sub-arctic temperatures for a few minutes at a time. It is mainly used for reduced inflammation, faster recovery, and increased collagen production. Some may be intimidated by the XR cryo chamber itself. We’re here to put those fears to rest. At Cryo Innovations, SAFETY is our top priority.


There are claims about cryotherapy that are not true. If you are uncertain about the process or want to learn more, read our blog post: Cryotherapy Fact vs Fiction.


Common Concerns about Cryo Chambers


  • Is liquid nitrogen a harmful gas? 
    Nitrogen is in the very air we breathe. It is a non-toxic gas, and only dangerous when it displaces oxygen. The user has their head out of the chamber and can breathe normally. Our adjustable foam foot pads make it so that the chamber fits users of any size. There is also an oxygen sensor near the location of the user’s head to ensure there is proper air quality in the headspace.

  • Will I get stuck or frozen?
    Since the chamber reaches such a low temperature, some may fear getting stuck or frozen. Yet, the nitrogen gas produces a dry cold. The user does not get wet in the process. There will not be frozen droplets on the body.

  • Why does the valve get snowy? Why can’t I touch it?
    Owners of a cryotherapy chamber must rent liquid nitrogen dewars that sometimes get snowy, which is normal. The substance may even cover a valve. We advise against touching it as an added precaution.

  • What are the noises it makes? Can the dewar blow up?
    Once in awhile the liquid nitrogen dewar relieves pressure, making a hissing sound. Though there is pressure inside the dewars, these tanks will surely not blow up!

  • Is there a danger of getting frostbite?
    Frostbite will not occur as long as users wear the correct protective wear: gloves and boots to cover the hands and feet. For further explanation, visit the following brief blog post: Frostbite Prevention during Cryotherapy


Knowing the Facts will Surely set you at Ease


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