Finding your Ideal Location


Where Should I Open my Cryotherapy Business?

We have made finding the right location for your cryosauna easy! The key is to place your business near potential customers. Here are some customer profiles who are likely to use cryotherapy. Use this as a reference for where to locate your whole body cryo spa.

Top 8 Locations for your new cryo business:

  1. Gyms / Fitness Centers - Cryo therapy can significantly reduce recovery time and decrease downtime. This is most beneficial for professional athletes, body builders and cross-fit trainers. It’s no surprise to us when we see more and more high end gyms and fitness centers add cryo therapy to their facilities so that their members can take advantage of such benefits. Find a gym or fitness center and use that location for your cryo business to maximize your revenue.

  2. Sports Teams - More and more professional sports teams are now looking into and using cryo therapy. Some team even have their own chambers.

  3. Recovery Centers - There are many cases and studies done on the adverse effects of cryo therapy with regards to recovery from injuries. Recovery centers all across the world are now looking at cryo business since it compliments their existing business and can increase their growth and ROI.

  4. Med Spas - When we think of a medical spa we think of results. People go to med spas for advanced therapies such as anti-aging, laser treatments and such. Cryo therapy shares a lot of that in common and most med spas have customers that might already be doing cryo therapy.

  5. Physical Therapists - Cryo therapy augments any physical therapy since the treatment techniques aid one-another in getting the best results possible for the patient. Find a physical therapy center and start your cryo business next to it.

  6. Chiropractors - Cryo has become increasingly popular among the chiropractic space. This is mainly because chiropractic patients continue to see positive results and therefore demand keeps increasing.

  7. Tanning Salons - Cryo chambers can operate with minimum supervision. Much like tanning salons, a one or two personnel staff can operate and manage a cryo business with ease. Learn how the XR chamber does this with ease.

  8. High Schools and Colleges - Some say the whole cryo scene is just a trend. Although we don’t think that we do believe catering to early adopters and enthusiasts and making it possible for them to find out on their on how cryo therapy can benefit them can benefit our business.

Data suggests having at least half of these profiles near you. This will increase your likelihood of easily finding customers. Some may become regular visitors, buying sessions once or twice per week or even unlimited sessions.

If you need further assistance, we have tools at Cryo Innovations to help you find the perfect spot. Contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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