Dual Fingerprint Authorization


Cryo Innovations leads the cryotherapy industry with Dual Fingerprint Authorization, built into the XR. The Recovery XR ensures the safety of clientele with Fingerprint Authorization, making sure that the operators are constantly monitoring the chamber.

Two fingerprint authorizations are required to operate the XR cryotherapy chamber, one being the operator and two being the client. With Fingerprint Authorization, operators can ensure the safety and well-being of their clients. Clients benefit as well, as it allows for consumers to access their personal information such as current/previous cryo sessions, session statistics, subscriptions, and memberships.  For more information, click here!

finger scanner2.jpg

Other XR safety features include:

Pulse Oxygen Sensor

Interior Geometry

Head Sensor

Emergency Stop Button

Emergency Shut-off Valve

Door Designed for Safety

Safety Comes First

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