How Does My Cryo Machine Use Liquid Nitrogen And Where Do I Get It?

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More than 50 million Americans suffer from arthritis, and many of these people now use cryotherapy to cope with the chronic pain. Cryotherapy machines lower the body's skin surface temperature by 30 to 50 degrees, and many users report short-term and long-term relief from pain. These machines are great for wellness centers or gyms where icing is the user's preferred method of muscle treatment after a workout.

But how does the cryotherapy machine work? Here's an inside look on how the XR cryotherapy chamber uses liquid nitrogen and where you can go for liquid nitrogen supplier sourcing.

How do cryotherapy chambers use liquid nitrogen?

Liquid nitrogen is plumbed into the XR cryotherapy chamber from a 230L liquid nitrogen dewar in its gaseous state. The machine uses just over 3 liters of liquid nitrogen per cryo session.

This is less than the usual amount of liquid nitrogen that other cryotherapy machines need to use to get the same effect for a single session. Because of this not only is the XR cryotherapy machine the safest model but also one of the most efficient.

How much is liquid nitrogen and where do I get it?

You don't need to worry about finding liquid nitrogen suppliers when you choose to work with Cryo Innovations. We find local liquid nitrogen suppliers for you and make the introductions so you feel at ease.

The average cost of a liquid nitrogen dewar is $60 a month to rent and $100-$150 per refill. A refill will typically last between 28 to 33 sessions.

The good news is that it doesn't take long to make a return on investment. The average retail cryo session runs at $40 to $80 a session. The average customer paying on a subscription basis usually pays $35 to $45 per session.

Approximately $5 worth of liquid nitrogen is used per cryotherapy session that lasts between one to three minutes.

An additional cost to consider, though, is the cost of an exhaust fan. Liquid nitrogen suppliers may require you to have more air circulation in the room you want your cryotherapy machine to be in. The average cost of an exhaust fan is $150 to $200 with an installation cost of $200.

Work with a cryotherapy machine supplier you can trust

Cryo Innovations isn't just a cryotherapy machine manufacturer and supplier. Cryo Innovations supplies you with all the tools you need to succeed with your cryotherapy business plans.

To learn more about the XR cryotherapy chamber's all-inclusive turn-key operation, or for more information on how we can help with your cryotherapy business development, contact Cryo Innovations today.