5 Reasons Why The XR Cryotherapy Chamber Is The Safest Option

Cryotherapy is a relatively new wellness treatment that many people are using to reduce pain and support their health. A whole-body cryotherapy machine uses a gas form of nitrogen to lower your skin surface temperature by 30 to 50 degrees.

Because this is such a big drop in your skin's surface temperature, it's crucial that the cryotherapy machine you're using is the safest machine possible.

What makes the XR cryotherapy chamber the safest cryo machine?

There are many cryotherapy chamber benefits. But you'll only see those benefits if you're using the right machine. The XR cryotherapy chamber is known as the safest cryotherapy machine for five specific reasons:

  1. More than eight onboard safety features. The XR cryotherapy chamber is manufactured with an Android operating system. This system gives the machine built-in safety sensors such as thermal imaging and eight other onboard safety features. This reduces the risk of injury to the cryotherapy machine user and minimizes the owner's liability.

  2. The chamber requires an operator. You don't need to worry about the machine running longer than it ought to. The XR cryotherapy chamber requires an operator to be present to run a session and monitor and act as a cheerleader for them.

  3. Advanced door design. The door to the XR cryotherapy chamber doesn't lock and can be opened with little force. This is great in case of an emergency. What's more, the door has a proximity sensor. This sensor tells the valves to shut down as soon as the door is open.

  4. Built-in pulse oxygen sensor. One of the onboard safety features the XR cryotherapy chamber includes that minimizes owner liability is the pulse oxygen sensor. This sensor monitors the chamber user's heart rate and blood oxygen levels to ensure they stay in a safe range.

  5. Two emergency stops. The XR cryotherapy chamber comes with an emergency shut-off valve and an emergency stop button. By having two emergency stops, you reduce your liability and ensure the safety of your machine users.

Looking for high-quality and safe cryotherapy machines?

It's no secret the cryotherapy market has been on the rise. By 2024, the market is expected to reach a value as high as $5.6 billion. But just because cryotherapy is popular doesn't mean it's an easy business to get into.

The good news is Cryo Innovations can help you with your cryotherapy business development and business plans so you can get your cryotherapy startup on the road. To learn more about our high-quality cryotherapy machines and business programs, contact Cryo Innovations today.


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