How Much Does a Cryotherapy Session Cost?


How Much Does Cryo Cost?

If you already know the benefits of cryotherapy, you might be wondering how much does a cryotherapy session cost? This is one of the more popular questions people often ask us.

Cryotherapy prices vary based on different factors. Generally Whole Body Cryotherapy sessions are done inside chambers and they usually cost more than Cryosauna sessions. However, you may be able to find special promotional deals, prices and discounts that may decrease your cost.

Cryotherapy Session Costs

In general, single sessions cost more than the cost of sessions when bought through subscriptions, bundles and packages. This of course, excludes promotional prices and discounts.

What are the Cryotherapy Session Costs Across the United States?

Cryo costs vary depending on the location of the cryotherapy business. Here’s a chart of what XR providers across the United States charge on average for a single session:

Average Cryotherapy Session Price in the U.S. ($ USD)

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