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“She was alone closing the shop up, and then went into the machine and apparently it did not turn off… It’s very frustrating to know that, because you know there are no cameras in there.”

By Sally Ho and Ken Ritter, Associated Press

By Sally Ho and Ken Ritter, Associated Press

A cryotherapy session ends in tragedy

October 2015, Las Vegas, Nevada - A cryo session turns into a tragedy, making many question the safety of cryotherapy machines.

  • Could this have been prevented?

  • How can we prevent this from ever happening again?

  • Why is it important to have an operator?

  • Can a cryotherapy machine regulate itself?

“The truth is, the lack of supervision and the absence of safety measures turned this cryotherapy experience into a death trap.” - Keith Scheinberg, CEO, Cryo Innovations

Newport Beach, CA - Keith Scheinberg decides to step up and respond to this devastating incident and innovate. He has since gathered top engineers and developers to combine bio-metrics, thermal imaging, and safety monitoring sensors into one U.S. made, cutting-edge product.


“At Cryo Innovations, we question the safety of our customers and innovative ways to create a safer cryotherapy experience for everyone.” - Troy Geisler, Corporate Relations Director, Cryo Innovations

We make cryotherapy safe

So, what exactly is cryotherapy?

If you don’t even know what cryotherapy is, don’t worry, you are not alone. Cryotherapy has become a surging topic. In fact there has been a significant increase in the amount of “cryotherapy” related searches on Google.

We make cryotherapy easy and accessible

People often also ask:

What is cryotherapy

What is cryotherapy treatment

What is a cryotherapy chamber

What is cryotherapy good for

Where do I find cryotherapy near me

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