The Tears of Tearing a Muscle


Wear and Tear

We are humans, and we work daily. We lift things at home, and we do some light workouts in, or outside the gym – no matter how, we put some pressure on muscles that are all over our bodies. When the pressure builds, the muscles are forced to pull or tear, thereby causing a painful sensation or strain. A muscle strain is thus the damage to a muscle or its attaching tendons. This is quite common in humans as we are always busy with something. This includes both adults and their young ones.

Common Muscle Strain Areas

Muscle strains do happen in any part around your body, but the most affected areas are the lower back, neck, shoulder, and the hamstring (the muscle behind your thigh). The hamstring is a common injury with football players.

Muscle Injury


When muscles tear, they can also cause damage to the small blood vessels, and thus causing local bleeding, bruising, and the pain that is caused by irritation of the nerve endings in the affected area. When the muscles tear, and we feel the pain, it becomes difficult to perform our daily duties. One of the symptoms of muscle tearing is the inability to use the muscle at all, and this really affects our daily productivity. For athletes, it becomes difficult to practice daily. Because of such injuries, we have noticed many mix-martial art fighters, football, or basketball players who come back from an injury with a dip in form. Therefore, it affects the level of preparedness in an athlete for a long time. For mothers, it becomes challenging to take care of your children, and for fathers, doing the gardening, or taking your kids to school could be a challenge.

To treat a muscle strain, the first thing to do is to protect it from further damage by avoiding any activity that could apply pressure on the injured muscle. This, you can do by merely resting. Furthermore, you can also apply an ice pack for 15 to 20 minutes every three hours to the affected area. Besides, an ice pack, you can do an ice-water bath. Another way is to compress the injured part by using an elastic strap over the injured part.

Cryotherapy and Muscle Strain

One method that helps your muscles heal quickly is Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a cold treatment for injured muscles using cold chambers. A patient is placed in a Cryo Chamber and intermittently blasted with nitrogen gas, exposing him or her to extremely cold temperatures for a few minutes. This is more like a mechanized ice treatment.


Having mentioned Cryotherapy and cold treatment, we may as well mention how it works in the treatment of muscle strains. The cold that the body gets exposed to helps to stop inflammation as well as internal bleeding. Therefore, the reduction in inflammation leads to a fast recovery to the injured parts. Athletes who have used Cryotherapy to treat muscle injuries have gone back to training faster than the ones who use conventional treatments.

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Reza Sarmadi