Why Cryotherapy?


Cryotherapy or Cold Therapy has been around for years. In fact Hippocrates, AKA the ‘Father of Medicine’, showed his patients the value of ice and snow as treatments for pain, stiffness and inflammation.

If you’ve ever walked outside on a cold day without wearing a jacket you’ll know that your body reacts quickly… You’ll first start to shiver and then your body turns blue and if you stay out any longer you might even feel a bit disordered… Cold stresses the body and extreme stress (much like exercise, sauna, or fasting), triggers a natural response on a cellular level that help our body repair, recover and protect our cells.

We’ll get into the details later but to summarize, cryotherapy promotes the following things:

  1. Cold-shock Proteins - Cryotherapy promotes protein synthesis at the end of dendrites - where synapses form - protecting our brain cells from cognitive and behavioral deficits associated with some neuro-degenerative diseases.

  2. Norepinephrine secretion - Norepinephrine inhibits pro-inflammatory processes. In other words, norepinephrine fights inflammation and inflammation is linked to cancer along with many chronic diseases.

  3. Thermogenesis - when our bodies are exposed to super cold temperatures, our metabolic response warms the body through a process called thermogenesis. Our bodies respond to cold by producing more mitochondria, converging our body’s tissues into more metabolically active ones. The greater amount of metabolically active tissues our body has, the more fat it will burn.

Asking why we should do cryotherapy is like asking why we should exercise or why we should fast. We do cryotherapy to strengthen our body and live a healthier and better life. We like to make cryotherapy safe and accessible so make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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Reza Sarmadi