While starting and operating your own luxury salon or day spa may be challenging, it does come with certain perks. According to the president of the ISA (International Spa Association), Lynne McNees, the industry is recession proof. This guide walks you through the steps you need to take to start your own successful luxury spa.

1. Create a business plan

Like starting most businesses, in order to succeed, one must have a solid business plan. A good business plan helps you prepare for and anticipate potential costs, risks, and revenues, while at the same time it provides a road-map that you can follow to create and grow your business.

Create a list of services that you want to offer. Providing more complementary services will help you stay competitive

While the spa industry can be very lucrative, it is extremely competitive. Many spas struggle to stay competitive and some fail to succeed simply because they don’t have an effective competitive strategy. Luxury salons and day spas that compete best often offer a variety of services that complement one-another.

Pick a spa or salon type and offer spa packages

Spas usually offer different services. The services provided are usually grouped under specific categories, such as skin and body care, hair removal, and makeup services. Focusing on one specific category for your business will help you focus your marketing strategies and efforts and can lead to an increase in sales and income growth.

Buy the right equipment. Luxury spas that feature quality equipment scale faster and make more money

It is important for spa or salons to study and learn about the their target market’s needs to select the right product or equipment for their business. Carefully studying and selecting the right equipment or products can certainly increase your potential profits, resulting in a higher rate of return on their investment.

2. Pick a target audience

Selecting a specific customer segment can help you better target your services and will result in higher sales conversion

As a luxury spa you have the option of targeting women, men, or even couples and groups. The more targeted your audience is, the more likely you are to convert them into a paying customer. Therefore, carefully studying your potential customer segment based on your resources (location, services, and products), will result in a better understanding of your customers needs and therefore a better product-market-fit.

3. Attract new clients

Offer an exciting new service

If you are an existing spa, you can benefit greatly from offering a new service. Successful luxury spas constantly study their customers and do their best to offer exciting new services to them to not only retain them, but to also attract new clientele. More and more luxury spas are now offering modern and advanced products and services such as cryotherapy in order to stay competitive. This is because services such as cryotherapy are considered “hot” and many people are beginning to show interest in the benefits of cryotherapy.

Create new marketing packages

Much like other retail businesses, a luxury spa needs to use several strategies to attract a healthy flow of new customers. Successful salons and spas are great at marketing. They are constantly looking for ways to attract new clientele. This involves creating a search engine friendly website, offering specials, and creating informative content. By adding a new service such as cryotherapy, you can create exciting new packages for marketing. This means creating new email campaigns, social media posts, web pages, and a ton of new followers. This could also mean increased traffic from search engines since introducing new keywords on your web pages can result in your business being listed under new keywords, resulting in attaining new prospects.

Promote your new service on your Social Media channels and the Internet

Your followers on social media networks can get tired of seeing the same redundant posts. Freshen up your image, create posts about your new cryotherapy service. Educate your clientele about the benefits of cryotherapy and invite them to try it out for themselves. Social networks are a great way for luxury salons and day spas to keep in touch with their customers, especially if they have an updated list of services offered.

Find people that are looking for cryotherapy services

When you offer cryotherapy, you engage with new prospect on social media networks and rest of the internet. You can join cryotherapy, fitness, and athletics groups online to find people interested in cryotherapy and invite them to your day spa or salon. You can also use popular Q&A (questions and answers) websites such as YahooAnswers, Quora and Fluther to educate people and build your brand.


Cryo Innovation’s whole body cryotherapy chamber, the XR, has been designed to be the safest, most technologically advanced, and most profitable cryotherapy chamber on the market.

Offer cryotherapy to your clients and retain them. Capitalize on this hot industry, create fresh marketing campaigns and capture new clients with ease. Compliment your tanning services with cryotherapy and enhance the quality of your customer’s tan. Stay ahead of the competition!


Frequently Asked Questions


Luxury spa owners are asking an honest question: how do I make money and earn a profitable return on my investment with a cryosauna? Cryo Innovations is the leading expert on making your investment into cryo your best investment yet. Whether you decide to purchase a single unit or multiple units our ROI Calculator can help you project how soon your investment will become profitable.


Cryo Innovations XR Cryosauna requires minimal space. Successful spas have effectively used the XR in rooms as small as 8’x10’, and depending on how your spa is designed you may be able to use a corner of a large room. Cryo Innovation’s own showroom houses the XR model in less than 9’x7’ of space, including a 230 liter liquid nitrogen tank.


Cryo Innovations locates and connects spa owners with liquid nitrogen suppliers in all 50 states. Because liquid nitrogen is used in every hospital, veterinary office, university, and dermatology clinic it is readily available in your city. Unlike other medical-grade gases Nitrogen is plentiful (it is 78% of the air we breathe) and will never suffer a shortage.


Upon purchase of a cryosauna the Cryo Innovations team can personally install your machine. We will train your staff on exactly how to operate the machine and test and register each staff member to ensure that all safety protocols are being followed. We also train your engineering and HVAC teams to ensure that your city codes and permitting are strictly followed.


The machine rarely breaks down due to the patented design. There are only two moving parts: the door and the valve to turn on the liquid nitrogen. That’s it! In the event anything goes wrong with your machine the Cryo Innovations team will troubleshoot the issue and help your team fix it. Our engineering staff are available 24/7 to support your spa. In the event a part of the machine is broken due to accident Cryo Innovations will ship new parts to your spa the same day and instruct your staff on how to replace the broken part.


Replacing the tank is no more difficult than connecting a garden hose. Your liquid nitrogen supplier will remove and replace the tank in the location you specify. Large 230 liter tanks always come on rolling wheels allowing you to reposition it easily.


The cryosauna will most likely be the easiest piece of equipment in your spa to install because it is built with eight industrial-strength locking wheels. One person can easily roll the machine anywhere on a flat surface. It is much easier to move than most standard gym-equipment. Once in place you never have to move it.


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Muscle Recovery

Cryotherapy is most famous for its muscle recovery benefits. Professional athletes and fitness advocates often promote cryotherapy for recovery treatment. Some of the benefits of cryotherapy include lowered heart rates, optimized oxygen consumption and decreased inflammation, resulting in faster return to physical activity, reducing recovery time.

Skin Rejuvenation

People with skin problems like dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis have reported seeing positive results for their skin troubles by doing cryotherapy. Studies have linked cryotherapy to reduced skin abnormalities. Through reducing water loss, and improving skin hydration, cryotherapy can produce a healthier looking and feeling skin.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation happens when the immune system fights infection. This isn't a big issue but chronic inflammation has been linked to major health problems like dementia, diabetes, arthritis and cancer. Studies have linked cryotherapy to the reduction of overly reactive inflammation. Exposure to extreme cold temperatures constricts our blood vessels and reduces the blood flow to the inflamed areas. Cryotherapy increases the presence of anti-inflammatory proteins and reduces the cytokines levels (inflammatory proteins).

Chronic Pain

By decreasing inflammation, cryotherapy helps reduce chronic pain. Studies have shown that repeated cryotherapy treatments lowers chronic pain resulting in faster recovery, improved mobility, and less fatigue.

Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression

Repeated cryotherapy treatments can help alleviate psychological strain. People suffering from depression and anxiety, after undergoing cryotherapy, were found to have lower symptoms of anxiety and depressions with an increased positive mood.

Weight Loss

Many advocates of cryotherapy believe it supports weight loss. The extreme cold temperatures put the body in a fight-or-flight mode, forcing the body to work harder to keep warm, which in return burns calories. Cryotherapy also boosts metabolism, which helps the body burn even more calories throughout the day.

Unlimited Session Upgrade$550
Per Session$100
Monthly Members Recurring Revenue
50 $7,500
100 $15,000
250 $37,500
500 $75,000
1000 $150,000

* These are sample numbers. Actual numbers may vary

I couldn’t be happier working with Cryo Innovations... Everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. You can tell everyone truly cares about the company and making it, as well as the business they work with, successful.
— Jon Enke | Tan LA

Add the XR to your day spa or salon and increase your sales!