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New Session Sorting

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1. Now you are able to sort your session reports in 7 and 30 day increments as well as Year-to-date.

Correct Standing Position

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2. There has been a question added to the operators test regarding the correct positioning of the body inside of the XR chamber, please take the time to review the question. No rotation required, subtle movements are recommended.

New 15 inch tablets

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3. Cryo Innovations now offers 15 inch tablets,
Upgrades Now Available



We are announcing the addition of STRIPE to the Cryo Innovations family. We’ve offered MojoPay in the past, but a new option is now available, Stripe.

Below is the difference between the two:



  • 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction (only on successful transactions) NO MONTHLY FEE

  • No charge for refunds and/or disputes

  • All major credit cards accepted including Apple and Google Pay

  • Process payments directly without need for merchant bank accounts and PCI Compliance

  • Extremely accessible 24/7 customer support

  • Secure Stripe servers keeps customer data safe

  • Better analytics and reporting

  • Easiest setup, maintenance, and integration

    The addition of STRIPE will require you to sign up for Stripe account.


  • 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction + $9.95 monthly fee

  • Must apply for merchant bank account

  • Integrated with separate shopping carts

  • Accepts most major credit cards


After Signing up with Stripe, Log into your backend manager at spa.cryoinnovations and follow these steps:

Click on Location Profile > Edit Location profile > Click on “Integrate with Stripe” on the bottom of the page > sign-in with your Stripe > Select “stripe” from the payment processor drop down menu.


The XR Cryotherapy Chamber comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner for safe and secure access to the machine. We use a scanner which is used by the US military and security companies around the world. Having said that, there is a method to using this scanner that is required for flawless operation. It requires the same pressure from your finger each time the scanner is used.  Some people will smash their finger into the scanner even though they originally stored their print by gently touching the glass.

If your fingerprint is not reading on the scanner we recommend the following steps to redo your stored fingerprints using gentle pressure. The same that you would use if you were gently touching a glass window that could crack. Using this analogy will hopefully give you a sense of how to store and use your fingerprints that will be flawless each time:

  1. Go to “Fingerprint Management”

  2. Select “Add Fingerprint”

  3. Wait for Blue light on scanner

  4. Next - gently place your finger (you will see a red light)

  5. When the red light goes off, you lift your finger off the scanner

  6. Do this four times to fully capture the fingerprint

  7. Once the final capture is made, a fingerprint will be added to the profile

Learn more about the Dual Fingerprint Authorization



We are here to help and assist you in your Cryo experience.  Please don't hesitate to call us with ANY and ALL issues you may have. Our team members are always here to help you, and we pride ourselves on our quick response time.

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