How to achieve the best tan


It’s time to think about achieving that perfect summer glow with a flawless tan. Summer is not far away and the beaches, holiday resorts and outdoor adventures are right around the corner! The experience of having a long-lasting, luxurious tan enhances the way you feel about yourself and how you present yourself to the world. The first step to any great tan is the preparation of your skin. Whether you are spray booth tanning or using a tanning bed, blemishes and rough skin can alter the quality effects of your tanning session. Preparing your skin properly makes all the difference in the results from your tanning salon visit.

Whole Body Cryotherapy is a healthy and invigorating way to prepare your skin to receive the best results from your tanning session and cryotherapy yields many added benefits. Salons have discovered that offering treatments which compliment each other, provide their clients with the best in mutual whole body benefits, so that they can achieve the best for their skin prior to their tan.

Utilizing whole body cryotherapy can substantially improve your skin and the effects of your tanning session.

A cryotherapy session helps prepare your skin for tanning by promoting dead skin cell exfoliation on your body, which gives a more even, healthy looking tan. The pores of your skin become reduced, which in turn can give you a much better and more even tan. The skin also feels tighter and stronger after a cryotherapy session. Blemishes can be diminished and can sometimes clear up completely.

Whether you are using a tanning bed or a fan of a great spray tan, your entire skin’s surface can be improved with whole body cryotherapy as the treatment helps to stimulate and boost your skin’s collagen production while reducing fine lines. Improving the look and feel of your skin and preparing it for that great summer glow, Whole Body Cryotherapy also offers your body many added health benefits. The advantages of cryotherapy prior to a tanning session make it the quick and easy way to take you into the perfect summer tan!