Jennifer Aniston Takes Her Wellness Practices Up a Notch With Cryotherapy

One of the highest paid Hollywood beauties and award winning actress, Jennifer Aniston may have great genes, but she certainly takes her health and body care seriously. At 50 years old, she is a stunning beauty who takes time to do the right things for her mind and body.

She understands that the mind wellness is important before she even goes to workout. Starting her mornings with meditation and ending many of her days with a sunset relaxation at home, keeping a busy schedule means that being centered in mind and body are important.

She utilizes yoga and cardio workouts, as well as interval training, to keep her body in prime shape. Looking good is about feeling good too. She takes time for personal spa days, indulging in facials and detox masks, followed by hydration and skin creams. She invested in an infrared sauna in order to have it available at home for those times when she feels she needs a body detox after a grueling work schedule.

Aniston has discovered the benefits of using cryotherapy in helping her recover from injuries and to enjoy the benefits of skin toning. The treatments are quick and have a lasting effect of healing on the body and mind. Many people find that they feel mentally sharp and upbeat after a cryotherapy session, and also love the cellulite reduction and skin toning that the cryotherapy session can provide. Cryotherapy stimulates collagen production in the body, and the increased oxygen and nutrients that rush to the extremities after a cold session are rejuvenating to the muscles and joints.

Recovery and Healing with Cryotherapy



“I just tried cryotherapy recently when I was having some injuries and I was amazed. First of all, that three minutes feels like four years, but it did really help I have to say! I've had every injury you can imagine. When you beat your body as much as I have with all the running and down dogging, eventually it tells you to bug off!” - Jennifer Aniston [1]

Cryotherapy has been offering help for pain and inflammation sufferers for decades. Cryotherapy allows the body to have an entire experience that can greatly reduce pain from injuries while stimulating the body to produce increased nutrients and endorphins. It offers both injury recovery advancement and a benefit to the skin, the mind and the overall health and well-being, which is a great lifestyle choice for many celebrities and others who want to incorporate natural and healthy lifestyle practices into their weekly routines.

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Ethan Domino