Cryotherapy Preparation - What You Need to Know for a Positive Experience


Cryotherapy is becoming one of the fastest growing recovery modalities for celebrities, athletes and the general public alike. The word of mouth about the unique benefits of cold therapy has been spreading quickly and people everywhere are excited about the non-invasive benefits they are seeing and feeling with cryotherapy. Recently, NFL Raiders receiver, Antonio Brown, had a mishap in a cryotherapy session while he was overseas in Paris, experiencing frostbite on his uncovered feet. These types of mistakes are easily avoided, and below we have the benefits of cryotherapy along with some important cryotherapy tips so that you can easily be prepared and avoid accidental injury like Brown.

Learn more about the  benefits of cryotherapy .

Learn more about the benefits of cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy Benefits:

Safety First Cryo Innovations has created a product that utilizes biometrics, thermal imaging, and safety monitoring sensors to ensure the optimum safety features are available for a secure and enjoyable cryotherapy experience.


Smart of the smart features of the XR:

  • Two fingerprint authorizations are required to operate the cryosauna, one via an approved operator and one via an approved user.

  • Operator is required to be present during a session.

  • The door never locks and requires little force to open. The door itself contains a proximity sensor in order to trigger the shut down of valves when the door is opened.

  • Designed in such a way where if the user's head falls below the top opening for any reason, physical limitations will force the door open, activating the door sensor.

  • Ensures heart rate is in a safe range as well as monitors the blood oxygen level of the user.

  • If the user’s head falls below the safety level, the valves automatically shuts down.

  • Emergency stop systems that work manually and electronically.

Preparing your body for a 3 minute cold session, at temperatures -110 celsius to -150 celsius within the chamber, is important for your well being. There are simple but important protocols to follow to protect some areas of your body from the cold. When you do these, you will have a positive whole body cryotherapy experience.

How to Prepare

  • Have a dry body. The liquid nitrogen is what makes the chamber cold, and having excess moisture on your body can make you colder. Don’t climb in after a shower and still wet.

  • Wear protective gloves- these will keep your fingers and hands from being too cold and protect from injury. This is because the hands and feet are much smaller, with less fat as insulation so you should always cover your hands.

  • Your feet- make sure to wear socks, and be certain they are DRY socks. This prevents excess moisture from reaching any freezing possibility. The feet also need this protection the same as your hands.

  • Wear a bathing suit bottom- this protects the sensitive areas of our body, especially for men.

  • Don’t put your head in an activated cryotherapy chamber- it could be dangerous to put one’s head inside and breathe in a large and prolonged amount of nitrogen. The nitrogen gas does not affect you with your head outside the top of the chamber as the nitrogen disperses easily around the neck area and will not harm you in any way.

Make Good Choices

  • Ask for a referral from a friend that has tried cryotherapy, they can give you a reputable location with an experienced staff.

  • Check online reviews for locations in your area that offer good service. See what others have to say about a certain salon, spa, athletic center or medical facility.

  • Ask questions- if you want to know anything about how the process works, the benefits of cryotherapy or the experience of the technician, always ask.

Cryotherapy can be a real tool in your health and wellness plan as you experience the benefits and take the time to understand the value and importance of this rapidly growing therapy.

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Ethan Domino