Benefits of diversification of services offered by tanning salons


Why You Should Diversify Your Tanning Salon Services

There is much discussion between tanning salon owners about the best ways to diversify services while serving clients what they want and increasing profits. What works for one, may not work for another. Knowing your clientele and understanding the needs of your new customers as well, is paramount to choosing the right services to offer. There are a broad range of beneficial options for tanning salon owners to choose from; here’s why you need to look at diversifying services:

1. Staying Competitive in your market and location

Salons are increasingly adding services to attract new clients and to provide services that compliment their tanning services. Doing research to see what other local salons offer, and having your salon provide the best services others do not have, can be of great benefit to your salon becoming and staying the leading ‘go-to’ salon in your neighborhood or city. Check into how busy the traffic and customer market is for the things that others are offering, are they doing well? These are good first steps in determining when and how you should add new services to your salon.

Tanning salon owners have discovered that services like cryotherapy chamber sessions, sauna additions and waxing services are popular choices for their body-image centric clients who like to have their skin in perfect condition before a tanning session.

2. Capture excited clientele from other industries like gyms and hair salons

Providing good choices that cover the whole body of care increasingly matters to health conscious consumers. Clients choose salons that offer services that care for their whole body, and they become loyal clients when all the services that suit them are available in one place. Creating packages of services gets your clients to try new options and allows for weekly or monthly package services that keep them coming back to enjoy your tanning salon specialties.

Serving tanning clients with pre-tanning services like whole body cryotherapy to prepare the skin for an even tan, sauna sessions to remove impurities, hot yoga or massage to relax, can all improve the time and money customers spend in your specialty salon to enjoy the services you provide. Body wrap systems for weight loss and sculpting are another very popular choice. Diversity of body therapies allows for clients to learn more about self-care and then go out and tell their friends!

3. Increase Sales

The most obvious and important choice is to grow your earning potential while keeping customers happy. These ideas can get you started on your way to better revenue and customers that look forward to returning to your tanning salon for all the great things you have to offer.

  • Start small and add a drinks and snacks bar- healthy, vitamin rich waters, coffee and energy bars are a great way to provide an inviting atmosphere. Some salons prefer to carry wine and champagne, for that added ambiance and class to their salon.

  • Having a dedicated section of products for sale that is inviting and attractive, helps to better serve your tanning salon clients- such as simple hair ties, towels or body products like moisturizers, tan accelerators, goggles for rent or to purchase and bathing suits or body jewelry is a service for your customers.

  • Adding treatment services- waxing, massage, body wraps for weight loss or body shaping, all provide a diversity of services that can substantially increase your profits while giving your clients many reasons to request package services or to try new services since they are readily available at the time of their tanning session.

  • Including important and popular therapies- Whole body cryotherapy chambers which promote healing and healthy skin preparation for tanning, infrared sauna pods for purifying and relaxing, a float tank for physical and mental relaxation as well as other whole body wellness therapy techniques are all very popular in salons today, and the returns can be well worth the investment.

With a myriad of options to grow your tanning salon, diversifying the services you offer can have a powerful effect on your bottom line. Understanding that clients may stay longer with a drink in their hand while your employees teach them about your other offerings and they can ask questions about your specials as well as shop for body products in your salon- all these are a plus for growth. Consider offering a demo-day for new treatments, such as an invite to a demonstration of your new cryotherapy chamber for your loyal clients, and another such day for new clients. Give your tanning salon clients premiere service choices and they will tell their friends about the best salon in town- yours! Diversification of services is a solid path to stability and longevity in the tanning salon business.