These days tanning salons don’t just carry tanning beds and offer a wide [LINK TEXT: variety of services] [LINK TO “The spectrum of services offered by tanning salons today” ARTICLE].

When tanning salons diversify their services offered and feature multiple services, they [LINK TEXT: increase over all sales] [LINK TO “Diversifying the services offered” ARTICLE].

When a tanning salon goes about adding a [LINK TEXT: new service the right way] [LINK TO “When and how to you decide to add a new line of service” ARTICLE] they increase their chances to succeed and scale properly.

Cryotherapy offers a new trending service

Do you know how many of your customers have to drive around town to different places to take care of their looks and health?

Do you know how many people in your service area are looking for cryotherapy services?

Use Cryotherapy to retain existing clients and capture new ones

Tanning beds a lone mean your customers are not getting the [LINK TEXT: best tanning results] [LINK TO “How to get a better tan” ARTICLE]

Increase the quality of your tanning services by offering Cryotherapy

  • Automated billing (built-in POS)

  • No downtime

  • No maintenance

  • No liability

Cryotherapy General Facts

I couldn’t be happier working with Cryo Innovations... Everyone is super friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful. You can tell everyone truly cares about the company and making it, as well as the business they work with, successful.
— Jon Enke | Tan LA

Add the most advanced cryotherapy chamber to your tanning salon business and maximize your ROI