When and how do you decide to add a new line of service to your tanning business


As a tanning salon owner, I’m always watching the bottom line, (pun intended!) when it comes to growing my salon business with a balanced approach. There are many options for new services that compliment our already growing business, but choosing the right time and right service products is an important decision. Timing and expectations for returns need research and planning.

Popular and successful complimentary service choices to consider:

  • Whole Body Cryotherapy to prepare the skin for a smooth, reduced blemishing and great tanning session

  • Waxing for the smooth hairless men’s and women’s bathing suit body

  • Manicures/Pedicures for those finishing touches

  • Massage Therapy is an excellent way to offer relaxation

Here are some ways to choose your avenues of growth carefully, while providing your tanning salon clientele the best services.

1. Ask Your Clients

Listen to your faithful clients that already love your salon and your services. Would they like to see you add a whole body cryotherapy chamber? More tanning booths or beds? How about facials, body wraps and waxing services? Perhaps they would like to have a massage or physical therapy session. Are you clients waiting too long for their session? This may be a big clue that you need to expand your services.

Depending on whether you offer walk-in foot traffic, after providing them with a great tanning session, ask your new guests what they would like to have as an additional service in your salon. Mention a few options and get opinions. Keep track of each recommendation, and see what your most popular choices would be. There are endless opportunities to grow your business.

2. Talk to Your Employees

Your employees interact and listen to their clients every day, and they know what people are asking for, and what they might be interested in enjoying while at your salon. The better they are at learning to listen and inspire clients to try a new service, the easier your growth can be. This includes the walk-ins that are potential return customers, because they want to try your other offerings. Train the employees to ask the right questions and listen to the client requests and needs.

You may choose to start with adding smaller products that your employees can easily up-sell. Body lotions, clothing with your brand logo, cosmetic and hair products, goggles, bathing suits, beach bags, flip-flops- Create an inviting visual display area that offers customers a special product sample right in your salon. Providing healthy snack products and drinks for clients will provide you with another way to increase your revenue. You can then move into bigger services that give your clientele more, such as waxing, cryotherapy or massage.

3. Talk to Other Successful Tanning Salon Owners

Have conversations with other successful salon owners and learn from them about the most current and popular services, any downsides they have encountered, as well as the cost and time investments to be aware of for salon owners. Business community groups and mentors within your profession can also offer ideas that you haven’t yet discovered. Network and learn from successful entrepreneurs.

4. Do Your Research

Before making a large investment into a new tanning booth, whole body cryotherapy chamber or creating additional space for massage or waxing, do your homework. Reach out to other business owners, go online to research the monthly and annual costs of developing a new business segment. Financial planners can also be of benefit when you are looking for another salon revenue stream and can offer advice for making an investment into equipment and services that suit your budget and timeline.

5. Learn About & Get to Know Your Salon Market

Timing is everything- from the local and area economy to the season of the year and the importance of your tanning salon location, it is important to review how your salon can draw more clients and when the best times of year for new body sessions will be most successful to launch.

6. Keep it Real

Using a realistic budget is critical to the success of adding a new service. Is it an affordable investment at this time, or should you save for six months before expanding your services? Will this new tanning product or service work in my location? With clientele increasing, can I afford not to expand? Creating a budget of expenses, expectations for your bottom line and goals for return, you can achieve a solid growth of salon services to improve the happiness of your clientele.

Having a strategy to grow your tanning salon business and having investigated the best services to offer that compliment your business, such as cryotherapy, massage, more tanning booths and products for the skin, you can grow a solid and more successful tanning salon business. Educate yourself, utilize mentors and learn about the best services to include that compliment your already thriving tanning salon and you can find unlimited success!