Learn the Business of Cryotherapy 

When exploring the business of cryotherapy as an added amenity or as a stand-alone, there is a straightforward approach to understanding your opportunity. With Cryo Innovations, you can learn how to start a cryotherapy business, including all associated financials with cryotherapy and the XR cryotherapy chamber before purchase. Additionally, you can quickly test out different business models for your Cryotherapy business plan. Once part of the Cryo Innovations team, you will have exclusive access to best practices.

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This page has been updated!

We have updated our business of cryotherapy page which contains up-to-date information about the cryotherapy business model, including revenue/ROI models, budgeting for cryotherapy, industry regulations, cryotherapy machine features, buying options, ideal location, and additional links. Visit the new cryotherapy business page here.



Owner Success Story


17 Weeks to Return on Investment



Estimated Total Earn in 17 weeks = $57,987

Retail Price of the XR Cryotherapy Chamber = $59,000


Industry Revenue Models

Learn more about our solutions with each downloadable PDF.


Budgeting for Cryotherapy 

Cryo Innovations makes owning a cryotherapy business affordable and easy.


Liquid Nitrogen Dewars

Dewars cost about $60 per month to rent

$100-$150 per refill 28-33 sessions per 230L Dewar—this comes out to
$5 worth of liquid nitrogen spent per cryo session

An average retail cryo session price runs about $40-$80/session
or $35-45 in a subscription based model

This allows for a very high margin 1-3 minute treatment


Fan Cost

$150-$200 - Client is responsible for this installation which can vary in cost






We have made finding the right location for your cryosauna easy! The key is to place your business near potential customers. 

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Facility Development

Our Cryotherapy chambers for sale can be a very profitable addition to your business.
The main requirement for your facility is that there is ventilation in the room where the chamber is placed.


Standard Set-up

2 or 3 liquid nitrogen dewars 

1 ceiling exhaust fan

Recommended room size (10’ x 10’), however room can
be smaller if Nitrogen dewars are stored in a separate room
and connected through the wall

The chamber and the liquid nitrogen dewar take
up a 5’ x 5’ area


Customized Social Media & Marketing

Cryo Innovations helps you kick start your cryotherapy business.


Once on-board, you will send your high-resolution company logo or vector file to us.
We will then create initial flyers and digital images for posting to your social media.
You will have unfettered access to our ever-growing media database to use for your business.
Included are: High Resolution Chamber, Nitrogen Dewar, and Athlete pictures as well as
Fly Over Drone Footage.

Do you need a website for your cryo business? Want to update the look and feel of your existing cryo site?


CryoBiz is a Web Design and Marketing agency that caters to cryotherapy businesses. Get started with cryotherapy marketing and have them build you a custom cryotherapy website.



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Point of Sale Features

The XR cryotherapy sauna for sale is equipped with a state of the art Point of Sale system. An industry first!


Owners can keep track of customer activity and have an easy method for payment which prevents "back door" or "after hour" deals. The custom 10" HD touchscreen with Wi-Fi connectivity allows customers to choose their subscription before or after their session with the ease of a fingerprint. Operators can look at the back end of the POS system and manage users and sales statistics as well as give incentives for future purchases.