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Meet the XR Cryotherapy Chamber


The XR full body cryotherapy chamber has been designed from inception to be the safest, most technologically advanced and profitable, cryotherapy chamber on the market. It is the only chamber to combine biometrics, thermal imaging and 8+ on-board safety features to ensure optimal client safety and minimize owner liability. The chamber fits everyone and manages all client and chamber data with built-in business solutions. This allows the owner to be hands-off, so they can focus on growing clientele volume and have the cryotherapy machine pay for itself.


Redefining Performance & Technology


The XR cryotherapy chamber immediately started turning heads upon its release. Designed from inception to be the safest, most powerful cryotherapy chamber on the market. Applied Cryo Technologies: With it's proprietary Cyclone Flow Technology, the XR ensures user is engulfed in evenly distributed nitrogen that delivers a PUNCH. Liquid Nitrogen is plumbed into the chamber usually from a 230L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar or sometimes a Micro-Bulk Tank and enters the chamber in its gaseous state. The chamber runs just over 3 liters per session which is far less than its competitors and the power consumption is similar to a TV. This makes the XR hands down the most efficient chamber on the market! 

Learn about Chamber Efficiency, click here.

Learn about Nitrogen Costs, click here.

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Recovery Innovations: Cryo Innovations thermal imaging technology was brought to a new level with the R.R.S™ Recovery Range Scale. This feature allows users to see their recovery in real-time based on the user's skin temperature.

Disclaimer: The full-body thermal image above was taken with an independent thermal imaging camera to show real results. It is not included with the XR product offering.


"If you have a team, there’s only so many ice-baths you can have. With cryo you can have 20 players recover in one hour in one machine."

-Dave Meltzer, CEO of Sports 1 Marketing


Redefining Cryotherapy Safety


The many safety features of the XR are self-regulated by the custom software. This means anyone can be an operator if they pass the simple safety exam. Built-in contraindications are digitally stored and require reaffirmation at every session by the user. This minimizes the liability of the owner.


Fingerprint Authorization

Two fingerprint authorizations are required to operate the XR cryotherapy chamber, one via an approved operator and one via an approved user. 


Operator Required

The operator must touch the screen every 30 seconds to verify they're still monitoring the user.


Door Design

The door never locks and requires little force to open. The door itself contains a proximity sensor which triggers the valves to shut down when open.


Interior Geometry

Designed in such a way where if the user's head falls below the top opening for any reason, physical limitations will force the door open, activating the door sensor. 


Pulse Oxygen Sensor

Ensures heart rate is in a safe range as well as monitoring blood Oxygen levels of the user.


Head Sensor

Monitors that the user's head remains above and outside the chamber. If the head falls below this level, the valves shut down.


Emergency Stop Button

Shuts down unit and all flow of liquid Nitrogen. 


Emergency Shut-off Valve

 Installed as a fail-safe if the button doesn't work.


PPE Provided

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) - Users must wear gloves and boots to protect their extremities.


Built-In Business Solutions

  • Mobile Sign Up

  • Digitally Stored Contraindications & Safety Wavers

  • Point of Sale

The custom 10" HD touchscreen tablet with Wi-Fi connectivity allows customers to choose their subscription before their session with the ease of a fingerprint. Operators can look at the back end of the Point of Sale system and manage session and sales statistics as well as give incentives for future purchases. In addition to the POS, the software manages all client data, including safety waivers and contraindications. Users can even pre-register on their phone or off a tablet in the reception area.


Point of Sale included*

*Included for the first 3 years.

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Fits Everyone

Criteria for design was to fit the majority and the professional athlete. The XR cryotherapy chamber has a weight limit of 1000 pounds. Lift Chamber Key: Lift mechanisms were not included in the design to prevent certain failure. Instead, cryogenically rated high-density step pads were chosen for efficient flexibility. Available user height can range from 4'-10" to 7'-2".


The Future of Service & Control

The XR Cryotherapy Chamber is the only option for multiple chamber owners!

With Real-Time diagnostics, the XR will trigger a trouble ticket for our support staff. That along with over-the-air software updates puts the XR at the top. The web-based portal will also manage one location or an entire chain. 


the future of service.jpg


Minimum Potential for Failure & Low Maintenance

The XR cryotherapy chamber requires low to no maintenance. The chamber has a non-electric, adjustable platform made up of Cryogenically rated foam step pads that eliminate the probable failure of motorized lifts. In addition, all parts are assembled in the U.S. which allows a quick turn around time in the rare instance that a part needs to be replaced.There are no moving parts. If a sensor were to fail, it will not stop the chamber from operating but require additional attention from operator. Sensors are USB terminated and can be replaced in minutes.

A 3-year Fix or Replace Warranty comes with the purchase of the XR Cryo Chamber and sets you at ease. Read More


Efficient Installation & Training


All-Inclusive Turn-Key Operation


For Example:

  • LIQUID NITROGEN SUPPLIER SOURCING: We have partnered with a nationwide liquid nitrogen supplier to ease your setup. We can also source local suppliers quickly.

  • FACILITY DEVELOPMENT: If the room you choose to place the chamber does not have air ventilation, we help you understand what is needed. Exhaust fans are usually required for safe air ventilation.

  • SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTING: We provide access to elite social media consulting to enhance your marketing strategy. You will learn how to hack social media for targeting your prospects over a 3 month period.

  • VIRTUAL TRAINING: Once you receive the XR chamber, our team will be readily available to connect via Facetime or Skype to help you with any technical requirements or training needed.


Continuous Innovation

Cryo Innovations prides themselves in their core value of continuous innovation. All owners experience the benefits of this, keeping them on the leading edge of cryotherapy technology. All owners receive free software updates over-the-air. Physical upgrades are always designed so they can be adopted by any chamber in the field via an install kit.

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Insurance Available

Cryo Specific Insurance Available

Approximately $215/mo

*Tax Applied for California Purchases Only

*Free Shipping & Installation - ($3,000 Value)

   Financing Available

No Down Payment - No Pre-Pay Penalty

7 to 12% OAC


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